Iran Desert Tour

In this tour you will see the marvelous sky of the desert at night.
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Duration: 5 days (4 night)
This is Iran Desert tour which you can enjoy the beautiful sky of desert at night. Those who love astronomy Iran Desert tour is the best choice for them. Even you can change your travel plan by filling out this form.

Day 1
Arrival in Tehran, transferring to hotel. O/N Tehran.

Day 2
Drive to Nain and visit its Jame mosque as one of the oldest mosques in Iran, then drive to Mesr village to spend sometime in its sand dunes. O/N Mesr village.

Day 3
Spend the night with a family there. Then next day drive to Khur, visit its salt lake and head to Garmeh village. O/N Khur.

Day 4
Visit the historic heritage of Garmeh and spend the night there. Then drive to Bayaze and spend your day in this scenic village. Stay overnight in the castle there. O/N Bayaze

Day 5
Drive back to Tehran, have some free time then transfer to airport and departure to your country.