Iran SG Tour Services

 Iran Setareh Gasht provides Iran tourists the best available services to make them feel comfortable during their trip. Here are some tour services that you may wish to have. If there is any other inquiries, please feel free to contact us with “TOUR SERVICE” subject.

What We Can Do

Tour Leaders

Travelling to Iran could be more enjoyable if you know ideas about the places and people, especially when you refer to locals. We are able to keep you informed about Iranian landmarks, museums, national parks, holy shrine places, desserts and if considered necessary, we seek assistance from local guides. If you need any help, please talk to us.

Tourist Insurance

Generally, there is nothing to worry about when you travel to Iran; especially in group tours. If you want to book a tour from our agency, then just check mark the insurance box in reservation forms which is placed in every tour page. If you book your tour from other agencies or you have planned to travel to Iran by your own and you want to be sure about things, you need to fill out this form.


We provide you a wide range of accommodation services from a small hotel in the country side to a five star hotel in the city center according to your journey. If there is any change in your planned tour, contact us. Here, are the list of Iran Hotels which you can reserve through us. If you need other information about Iran accommodation and housing, click here

Iran Tailor-made Tours

Iran Setareh Gasht Agency’s aim is for you to have a great time in Iran through our unique and customized travel experiences, catered exclusively to your own needs and interests. This is why we created an interactive form, to help us collect all the information we need to design the perfect itinerary for you. If you need any information, take a look at our packages.

Internal Flights

Flying is a great time-saving alternative to road or rail when it comes to travelling around Iran. Domestic flights are fast and frequent and there are airports across Iran operating domestic routes. These routes are often operated by budget airlines like Mahan, Aseman, Iran Air, Kish Air , Zagros, Taban and Meraj. Here is the routs where we currently have flights to.

Transportation in Iran

Iran Setareh Gasht Tour & Travel Agency provides you a convenience transportation which could mean as a part of a tour or completely private for the ones who wish to hire any kind of personal transportation in Iran. Access to the tourism sites vary according to the nature of the site, the state of infrastructure, and the efficiency of the public transport system.

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