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Rent a Car in Iran

Before renting  a car in Iran, there are some tips to notice:
Types: In driving organization we have five types of driver’s license. Motorcycles Permit, Third Grade Driver’s license, Second Grade Driver’s license, First Grade Driver’s license and Specific Driver’s license.
Age and Sex: The minimum age to rent or drive a vehicle is 21 years old and there is no sex discrimination for driving a car in Iran.
Documents: drivers have to present valid:

  • Driver License
  • Passport.
  • Ticket.
  • Also has to sign paper works as rental agreement and other documents

Driver License: Valid international drivers licenses issued in your Country are acceptable.
Prices: it depends on the route you wish to take and the distance you will travel per day. you can choose to pay online or on arrival at the station and confirm your car hire.
Type of the cars: every other cars in Iran that you desired. All type of the cars has got insurance, with the Iran rules.
remember to inform us in advance to prepare what you need.

Please Fill out this form for a rental car inquiry:

Your First Name (required)

Your Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Copy of Passport ( accepted format is .jpg or JPEG and less than 100 KB)

Copy of your Driving Licence ( accepted format is .jpg or JPEG and less than 100 KB)

You need the car since to

Do you need a driver with you?YesNo

Explain if any specific model you need

Please remember that your ticket will be needed when you get it.

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