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Iran Accommodation


Hotels – Iran hotels can be classified into star system (1-5). A structure that provides sleeping accommodation to travelers and that usually features dining facilities and daily housekeeping service. In Iran Tour you would have stay mostly in hotels.
Resorts – Cater primarily to leisure travelers. Generally found in three environments in Iran: at the beach, near ski areas, in the desert.
Usually have facilities for recreational activities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course and one or two dining facilities. When a resort is especially large, with many facilities and activities covering acres of land, it is called a mega-resort

Iran Tours Different Kinds of resorts:

1. A spa resort- Provides extensive facilities for massages, facials, fitness activities and healthy dining.
2. A ski resort -provides a site and facilities to serve the needs of winter sports enthusiasts.

Business Hotels are targeted at the needs of business travelers. Tend to be located in city centers and at airports. Guestrooms are equipped with spacious desks, and internet connection.
All-Suite Hotels – all accommodation are suites instead of conventional rooms
May be either leisure or business-oriented or a mix of two.
Motel is a type of hotel in which parking is provided at or near room and the room door gives out onto the parking lot. Usually do not have full dining facilities or provide luggage assistance

Timeshares – Similar to condominiums, owners do not purchase individual units but they own a certain amount of yearly time at the property.

Bedand-Breakfast (B&B) – There home-like properties charge guests to stay in a bedroom (sometimes with shared bath facilities) and often full breakfast in a common dining room area or in the guestroom

Chalet – A wooden dwelling with a sloping roof, common in Switzerland and other Alpine regions.
Train cabin – Accommodation in the train, normally for long journey travel. Also known as a “berth”
Boutique Hotel – They are of intimate size, Idyllic settings, highly personalized service, individual style and outstanding attributes.

Car camping (Caravan), RV camping... it goes by many names, and the experience varies widely, but this form of camping involves carrying your equipment in your motor vehicle, which you drive right to your campsite. Unlike more traditional camping, car camping allows you to carry quite a bit more equipment, and the focus is usually to enjoy the site, cook-outs, day hikes, and other outdoor activities. Some just use their vehicle for transportation, pitching a stand-alone tent to sleep in. Some use it to pull a pop-up trailer/tent or use their car or van as part of the tent or shade structure. Some drive large vans or recreational vehicles to sleep in, which may include many of the comforts of home (on a more compact scale).

Caravan parks tend to have two or three types of accommodation: powered sites to put your caravan and car; caravans owned by the park that you can stay in; and small cabins with a bit more space. Caravan parks are usually located in medium sized towns and cities, or in very popular tourist spots.

Camping is do-it-yourself accommodation: you carry your roof and your bedding in your backpack or your car. It’s often the only choice of accommodation you have when you’re traveling off the beaten track, but there are also very popular sites for camping holidays. Always check whether you need a permit to camp, how much it costs and whether your choice of site will be restricted. You generally need to get permits either in advance or on arrival. Many popular national parks or protected sites have limited camping to particular sites and some have banned it altogether. When hiking, there will often be set campsites a day’s walk apart, and often you are forbidden to camp between them. Permits can typically be obtained in advance or on arrival, but may be hard to get or sell out during very popular holiday periods.
Permits for sites at very popular holiday periods are actually quite hard to get and sometimes sell out months in advance.

Villas: When planning your holidays you have to take into consideration not only the location, but also the best accommodation that will provide you and your party with value for money according to your requirements.
If you are looking to get away from it all and relax with your family in privacy, than a holiday villa would be the ideal choice for you. By renting a private villa you will have your own kitchen, living/dining room, bedroom and in many cases your own private swimming pool. Renting a villa provides you not only with more space and privacy but is also a more economical option rather than staying at a small hotel room.

Vacation rentals. Many residents of popular tourist destinations lease their houses and apartments to vacationers. The residence may have been bought specifically for this purpose or the normal occupants may vacate it during some parts of the year. The guests will have full use of the residence, usually with utilities included but no servicing or meals. This approach can be cheaper than booking a hotel room for the same length of time (and give more space than a hotel room), especially if traveling with a family or other sizable group of people. Facilities will vary depending on the property, but usually include kitchen and laundry facilities and possibly amenities like a swimming pool, and TV/video/DVD players. Contacting the owners directly is the ideal way to make arrangements as they can answer any questions you may have about the property, and may offer more competitive pricing since there’s no middle-man.

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